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how this all came about

hi, i'm chloe. this is me, with asher:

in the course of caring for my neurotic but very lovable dog, i found a gap in the market for good quality but affordably priced pet treats and cakes. unconvinced by the industry's price-quality trade-off argument, i firmly believe that there must be a better way of doing things. consider in good thyme my fun, wacky, imperfect but beautiful experiment.

sometimes blind faith is all we have; what is meant to happen will happen in good time; and when that happens, it might lead you to a janky, rusted blue metal gate. so come into our funky little workshop, where grapes and chocolates are just about the only limits. 




 take a look around, say hello, make yourself comfortable. we look forward to meeting you and your pups and cats!

cheers, chloe 


Hi, I am Fong. Six years ago, our family adopted Asher, a Singapore Special. 

Asher’s anxious nature, our belief in R+ training and the lack of healthy AND affordable commercial pet treats lead me to start making home-made treats and snacks for him. And this gentle giant reciprocated by becoming my greatest fan, lapping up everything (except the veggies) I prepare for him, no matter how unappealing they may be! For the past 5 years, I have painstakingly prepared all his daily meals, snacks and treats without fail (this boy sure knows how to apply R+ for human!). 

I never intended for this to become a business but an interesting turn of events (and the COVID-19 pandemic which brought my conference management business to a standstill) led us, as a family, to this janky, rusted blue metal gate. So here we are, with a mission to make the world a more palatable place for our furry friends, without breaking the bank. And who says pet food needs to be boring?