Min. order $60 for delivery, free delivery for orders $120+ | More details in our FAQ.

Customization Policy

Looking to get something off the menu? We are definitely open to exploring new ideas, but we are also committed to producing work that fits our style and identity. As such, please take the time to look through some of our general guidelines on customizations with effect from 1 Jan 2023. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message at +65 8028 0151.

Custom Cakes

Please send us the following details via Whatsapp when you have a custom cake request:

  • At least 2 to 3 photos of a design you have in mind (Pinterest is a helpful tool you can use!). As much as you'd like to, please don't screenshot another local company's cakes and send them to me as reference - if someone else has a design that you like, please actually support the work that they do in creating the cake and get your cake from them! 
  • Colour scheme - something as simple as blue will do
  • Date that you need the cake (custom cake lead time averages out 1-2 weeks)

Our guidelines:

  • Minimum weight: 500g, prices start from $80 for chicken, beef or pork and $90 for salmon
  • Ingredients: meat base + potato or yogurt frosting. We can entertain other frosting options but kindly note this may severely limit your design options!
  • We use only natural colourings, so neon/gold/silver/any colour that does not look like it should be eaten, we will not be able to accommodate!
  • Hard no: I don't do figurine cakes, appreciate your kind understanding!


Custom Party Favours / Treats / Snacks:

You may have seen photos of goodie bags that have been floating around with custom treats that we've done in 2022. Headed into 2023, unfortunately these are not something that I would be focusing on! With that said, if you have a very compelling idea, you may try your luck, but here are still some general guidelines:

  • Yes, we can pack our menu items into smaller bags / assorted bags e.g. two makis, one nigiri, two salmon senbei etc for party favours, subject to a minimum order (depends on which items you are looking at, but minimally 10 packets)
  • There will be a minimum order of $150 for party favours and a three week lead time. Design wise, please send us what you have in mind, and we will let you know if it is doable on a case by case basis! 
  • Can change protein? Change colour? Change this change that for my dog for xyz reason? Honestly, the answer to this varies on a case by case basis. If the ingredients are things we can swap out easily for other items that we already carry in our pantry, we'll be happy to do so, often at no additional cost. With that said, we are able to offer our menu items at our listed prices because we run a pretty lean and efficient ship, so some customizations unfortunately will not be possible. We thank you for your kind understanding!

 Any other questions? We are a Whatsapp message away!