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Menu: grow slow - an igt x sc collab

in this day and age where we have come to want everything FAST and NOW and QUICK and EASY, consider grow slow our small rebellion against all things fast and furious. 

the vessels that contain these foods are made by the same pair of hands from start to finish - some thrown, some pinched, right here on our sunny island. so are the contents of the vessels, cooked and assembled by the same pair of hands from scratch.  to see more good work, please visit: https://snailceramicsstudio.com/

everything in this collection has personal significance, and though its significance will probably remain between those involved, our hope is that you take these vessels and make meaning with it. 

let's grow slow but steady - as they say: all great things will come in good thyme.

first drop: sat, 19 aug, 3pm

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