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Pass It On Corner

Hi there! As pet owners ourselves, we realized that many good quality pet products are left unutilized simply because our pup had outgrown them. Inspired by our kind neighbours (@forthe.barks), we decided to start a little pass-it-on/donation corner in our store, for owners to drop off pre-loved items for donation, and for anyone who actually needs these items to come pick them up and give them a new lease of life!


Has your pup or cat outgrown some of their items that are still in good working condition? Instead of having these items collect dust around the house, why not drop them off at our shop for a $5 voucher (to be credited to your email) instead? Kindly note that vouchers are issued on a per person basis as a token of appreciation (i.e. whether you donate one or ten items, you will receive a one-time $5 voucher).

If you are unsure of whether your item fits the guidelines, feel free to message us at 80280151 beforehand to avoid making a wasted trip!

Items we accept for drop-off:
- Leash
- Harness
- Collar
- Cone
- Muzzle
- Puzzle toys
- Snuffle mats
- Training pouch
- Bowls and feeders

Large/bulky items such as:
Beds, carriers, prams or gates/crates will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and dependent on storage space availability. Please contact us as 80280151 with photos beforehand!

We regret that we do not accept:
- Food, treats or supplements*
(*except cat food as we can pass them to the stray feeders in our 'hood)
- Accessories & apparels
- Bathing & Grooming items

If you have any of these items, do consider donating/leasing/selling them here instead.

For Pickups

Need something for your pup or cat? Message us at 80280151 and we'll text you what is in store. If something catches your eye, come down and take a look at the pre-loved items we have in store. Alternatively, let us know what exactly you are looking for and leave your contact number, and we'll get in touch if a suitable item comes in! We run this initiative based on an honour based system, so we will not ask for any proof from those who claim the items. With that said, we retain the right to reject claimants who we believe are claiming the items to re-sell or profit from them. A successful community initiative requires good faith from all parties, and we hope you can help us create a sustainable community of good!